About Sanitiser & Cleaning

Our Mission…

Our mission at Sanitiser and Cleaning is a very simple one. We want everyone to go home at the end of the day safely to their families and loved ones. By carrying out our services we will help to lower the anxiety and give assurance that being in an environment that is not home is safe and give peace of mind everything is being done to make the environment as risk free as possible.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be your eyes and protect you from touching anything that you could possibly contract a virus from so in order to keep you safe we will sanitise all the places where you could touch resulting in a safer environment and low risk of contracting a virus.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to be another layer of protection to lower the risk of infection and keep you safe. In doing that we will offer a range of services bespoke to you organisation to ensure everything that can be done will be done to the highest standard.

Our Target Market

We aim to support any small, medium or large business who requires the added safety measures, the added line of defence to shield themselves, staff, visitors and anyone who comes into your environment to give them the best chance of not contracting a virus and keeping people safe while onsite.

Small Independent

An individual looking to ensure their vehicle, shop, pub or studio is safe for deliveries/collection or new visiting customers.

Small & medium enterprises (SMEs)

A small team of staff that work in close proximity to each other in a restaurant, warehouse, office or soft play unit.

Large corporate enterprise

Usually consists of multiple sites with various areas across their industry such as retail chains, sports facilities, national transport & entertainment venues

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