Cleaning Methods

General Cleaning


The removal of visible soil, debris, micro-organisms and organic substances from surfaces, will not eliminate germs but reduces their numbers by removing some contaminated matter.

Cleaning is just the first step in a complete decontamination process, but it’s a step you can not skip. Even if you intend to sanitise or disinfect the area, cleaning away visible soil, dust or debris beforehand makes it easier and more effective to remove microscopic germs with more intensive methods later.

As used against SARS, MRSA And COVID-19

Deep Clean

We offer deep cleaning services as part of an agreed schedule of ongoing maintenance with an existing client, or as a one-off service. Our highly trained cleaners can carry out deep cleans all over the UK.

Our deep cleaning services can be performed across a number of commercial sites including:

  • Schools    
  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Retail Units
  • Commercial Showrooms
  • Aviation

Reassurances for your customers and staff



The reduction of bacteria to safe levels (set by public health standards) to decrease the risk of infection.

A step beyond cleaning, sanitisation kills a greater amount of bacteria and is required for any surface that comes into contact with food. The CDC explains that “a sanitiser is a chemical that kills 99.9% of the specific test bacteria in 30 seconds under the conditions of the test.” Therefore, while sanitisers can kill the majority of certain kinds of bacteria, sanitisation products and techniques alone cannot eliminate all viruses.

The surfaces in your facility that are most at risk for contamination will require additional decontamination to effectively control your liability.

Eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria



The elimination of pathogens and disease-causing micro-organisms, except bacterial spores.

Disinfection is a stronger decontamination method because of its ability to destroy pathogens.

There are several grades of chemical disinfectants that meets your facility’s environmental needs:

  • Low-level disinfectant: Kills almost all vegetative bacteria and some viruses and fungi, but not bacterial spores.

  • High- level disinfectant: Eliminates all micro-organisms except for small numbers of bacterial spores; capable of killing bacterial spores when used in adequate concentration under suitable conditions.

  • Hospital-grade disinfectant: Approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for use in hospitals and other medical facilities to destroy many known infections and disease-causing bacteria.

We supply you with window stickers and door signs to display.



Fogging is by far the quickest and most effective way to sanitise and cause the least amount of disruption. Our machines use the latest technology. This solution is ideal for sites that are still in operation and need regular cleaning for minimal down time.

In comparison to our other cleans, the process takes hours rather than day’s, and the area is ready to use within an hour of completion.

Benefits of fogging

  • Fast
  • Little disruption, if any
  • Decontaminates viral outbreaks
  • Reduces the risk of infectious disease outbreak
  • Reduces the cost of absenteeism

Fogging provides deep cleaning and sanitising, minimising the risk of disease and illness, destroying germs, safeguarding all previously infected areas making them clean and free from all bacteria and viruses.

How does it work?

Our Fogging works by irreversibly immobilising bacteria and viruses both airborne and surface based, rendering them unable to replicate. Sanitising the whole area including atmosphere, furnishings and surfaces.

  • Fogging is suitable for all areas and premises.

We use Medical Grade Sanitisation



All steam cleaners work by heating water until it boils, thus creating steam. This steam is very effective at cleaning surfaces as it’s able to get into cracks and pores that may not be accessible to normal cleaning cloths. The steam loosens dirt and grease, which can then be more easily wiped away. Cleaning in this way is not just effective, but it also removes the need for harsh chemicals. Steam cleaners don’t just remove surface dirt they can also kill bacteria.

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